Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Defending Disney...202

This past weekend I found myself surrounded by people who did not understand my love for Disney.  They took issue with my Cinderella Castle picture as my wallpaper for my iPhone.  They thought it odd that I went to sleep listening to Walt Disney World music on my iPod.  And basically, they questioned why a 37 year old man had such a Disney obsession.  Then I went all Evil Stepsister on 'em and put them back in their place.  Ok not really, but I wanted to.  Later, I had an internal argument with them where I laid out my case for why I love Disney and Walt Disney World.  Keep in mind that this was internal argument and they were not around to hear it.

Why I love Disney Reason # 1.  Raised on Disney Movies and Disney Channel.
When I was growing up we were not allowed to watch shows that had more than three curse words in it.  That meant we watched a lot of black and white shows and Disney programs.  I was raised on Disney movies.  I remember when we first got the Disney Channel.  It was not 24 hours and Hannah Montana was not even born yet.  Good days!  I remember watching Dtv which was like Mtv but with less popular songs and Disney cartoons.  

Why I Love Disney Reason # 2.  My First Trip to WDW in 1982.
I don't remember much about my first trip to the Magic Kingdom, but I remember loving it!  I was seven.  We went right before EPCOT was finished and we only went for two days.  But they were two great days.  I remember not being able to ride Space Mountain but my older brothers loved it and told me all about it.  I remember not liking Big Thunder Mountain because I felt like I was going to fall out of the train.  I remember loving the Main St. Electric Parade and my brother bought the album as his souvenir.  That family vacation will live in my memory forever as one of the greatest family moments ever.  I want to create those types of memories for my kids.

Me with Cinderella...I'm the short one.

Why I Love Disney Reason # 3.  It's Like Art.
I like to relate my fascination with Disney to art.  When I go to a museum and look at paintings or pictures, I can say that they look nice but I really don't get anything out of them.  The color, the shading, what the artist is trying to say.  I don't get it, but other people do and I need those people to tell me what I am looking at.  When I go to WDW, I get it.  I see not only the creative design,  I also see the deeper meaning.  I look for the story that the Imagineers were trying to tell.  I feel like I am a part of the story and want everyone to see it as I see it.  The great thing about WDW and all their parks is that it's like they took the pictures off the walls and movies off the screens and allow us to actually walk through them.  I also realize that just like me at a museum, not everyone is going to get WDW like I do and those people can suck it!

Backside of water

Why I Love Disney Reason # 4.  Family.
The first time my wife went to Walt Disney World was in 2006.  We took our four year old son and 1 and 1/2 year old daughter.  It was amazing watching the fireworks that first night.  My daughter's eyes were just so wide open and my wife teared up as she looked in her face.  Great moment!  I also think there is power in a place that can make you feel like a kid again.  The excitement I feel is the same excitement my kids feel.  The only other place that has that time travel ability is around the dinner table at Thanksgiving when I feel like I should be with my cousins at the kids table.

Enjoying their first fireworks.

Why I Love Disney Reason # 5.  Food.
Walt Disney World Food...seriously...it's AMAZING!!!!

The Kitchen Sink

Well, I feel better now that I got that off my chest.  I just wish I would have been able to articulate it to my friends this weekend.  Oh well, maybe I will send them to my Disney Blog to read this.  Thanks for reading.


DisneyBabies said...

great reasons! love the family pic - kids experiencing magic is the best

Ginger said...

If you would like a possible connection let me know. REMEMBER I LIVED BY THERE FOR SIX YEARS.

Fitz said...

Wow! I didn't realize I had stirred up such powerful emotions...