Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little Change...91

I feel like branching out.  I know that I have picked a blog with a narrow niche.  I still love talking about Disney but to quote the Little Mermaid, "I want more."  So I hope you don't mind but I am going to be changing the format a little.  I still plan on discussing Disney and planning WDW vacations but I'm also going to be doing some non-Disney related posts.  Hope you are all ok with that.

I have started another blog site called Over Kool-Aid.  The Over Kool-Aid posts will be featured on both sites and any Disney related post will stay just on The Disney Plan.  I'm not real good with change or transitions but I think this will ease me into the next phase of my blogging.  I really enjoy it...don't know if I'm very good at it but I enjoy it.  So I'm going to keep going.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new posts.

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