Monday, May 30, 2011

370 Days...My Resources

When it comes to Walt Disney World, planning is EVERYTHING!  Some of us do it as a hobby but if you have any hopes of getting your money's worth, you have to plan.  A friend of mine recently returned from a trip to the World.  After their first day there they assumed that I was an idiot and WDW was not as magical as I had told them.  I can imagine them standing on Main St. overwhelmed, stressed and confused. All those people rushing by them knowing where they are going but my friends were stuck like deer in headlights.  How do you prevent that?  Planning!

First, I think the greatest guidebook out there is the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.  It's huge.  It may actually be more intimidating than the parks themselves but I promise you if you master that book, the parks will bow before you and bend at your every command. (Maybe a little overstated but it really is a good book)  The book reviews everything about Disney and also gives you touring plans for maximizing your time in the park.

My favorite websites are...

If you have questions, those three sites should be able to answer everything.

I also listen to two great podcasts, WDW Today and anything by Lou Mongello.

Lastly, be sure to order your planning DVD from Disney and also get your custom maps.  (Both free...They may be the only free things you get from Disney, take them!)

So that is where I begin.  After years of listen to and reading this information I have become a pretty knowledgeable Disney fan but usually when I give an answer I am quoting one of those sources.  Hope they don't mind.

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