Sunday, May 29, 2011

Count Down to Disney

According to my Disney Vacation Connection app on my computer, my family's next trip to Walt Disney World will be in 372 days.  I have already begun planning for this trip.  In fact, I have been planning this trip since 2008. (The year of our last trip.)  I don't like to think of myself as someone with an obsessive compulsive disorder but I have issues.  I don't like to plan.  I am not one to make lists.  That is, I don't like to do those things outside the realm of Disney.  When it comes to Disney I am a different person.  I read guide books and blogs about WDW.  I listen to several different podcasts about the World.  I plan out days at the park in my head.  I make lists and notes of places I want to eat and things I want to try.

Simply put, I love to plan for Disney.  It's almost as much fun as being there.  In my plans everything goes right.  The kids don't cry.  My wife stands in awe of my knowledge and efficiency and it's always 75 degrees and low crowds.  So that is what this blog is about.  Planning for the day that we are once again on Disney property.  Standing in the middle of the happiest place on earth!  For now, I have 372 days to plan.

You are welcome to come along, add suggestions, laugh at my mistakes and enjoy a Disney dad taking his time to plan the family's next Walt Disney World vacation.

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