Monday, August 15, 2011

Where to Find Discounts for Walt Disney World...287

If you are new to the whole planning for Walt Disney World process, I know that it can be a bit overwhelming.  One of the biggest things that is overwhelming is the price tag.  I'm not going to try to answer all the questions about discounts but I hope to at least point you in the right direction.

If you go to Walt Disney World's website it's easy enough to put in all your information about your upcoming visit and you will get a pretty good idea about what the overall cost will be.  That price tag is what we call the "rack rate."  It is just another world for "full price."

Who wants to pay full price?  Historically, Disney has offered discounts.  The best ones are during the off season but you could usually get a discount for early summer as well.  The discounts would often appear as 20-25% off Disney Value Resorts, 25-30% off Moderate Resorts and 35-40% off Deluxe Resorts.  The rates will also have select dates attached to them.  To see some historical information about Disney Resort discounts visit

To see if Disney is offering any of these discounts checkout their website here.  They will list all their promotions and the dates for each.  Another type of promotion you will see will be FREE dining.  To see more information about the Free Disney Dining Plan click the image below...

The discounts above are listed for everyone BUT Disney likes to make us feel special, right?  When it comes to discounts, Disney can do this by offering you a Pin Code.  The Pin Code is linked to you and is not transferable.  Don't you feel special?  So how do you get this exclusive offer?  Good question.  I found a blog post from Kristin at CouponingtoDisney that offers some great advice.  Basically you need to sign up for an account at the Walt Disney World website, request the planning DVD, register for any giveaways, go through the steps of booking a vacation and save your results, etc.  When you get your Pin Code just enter your information and enjoy the discounts!

Here are a few other sites that offer discounts of varies types...

Mousesavers - WIDE variety of discounts
UnderCoverTourist - Discounted park tickets
AAA - Discounted park tickets

Good luck on your discounts and here's wishing you the perfect Pin Code for the perfect Disney trip!  Thanks for reading.

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