Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Carnotaurus for Dinner...294

If there is anything in this world my son is passionate about, it is dinosaurs.  On our last trip to WDW he was only five years old.  He was scared to ride most of the big attractions.  I had to drag him onto Splash Mountain crying and had my hand on his shoulder during Soarin'. (We discussed Maelstrom in an earlier post.)  But when it came to riding Dinosaur, he was first in line.  I could have told him the ride went upside down and there would be a good chance we would all die, he would not have cared.  He was riding that ride!  I would not recommend this ride for younger kids or for anyone that doesn't like dark, loud rides where things are constantly jumping out at you.  However, if you have a future paleontologist in your family this ride is great.

Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom

Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom

Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom

Me and my son after riding and with his favorite souvenir EVER! 

The boy and his Carnotaurus

Our new Carnotaurus with us at the Rain Forest.  He didn't eat as much as you would have thought.

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse


:DISTherapy said...

Adorable post! I agree,you never quite know which attractions willset your little ones off! My son's nemesis was the original Lion King Show in Fantasyland. Go figure. So glad you got your Dinosaur!!

SondraMama said...

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Cassondra / Mama's Passions

josh said...

Great post! So cute pics of you guys! I still lament the name of change from Countdown to Extinction, what a cool name!

DisneyMacAddict said...

Thanks for the comments. Countdown to Extinction was a much better name but it's still a great ride.