Sunday, September 25, 2011

Essential Gear for Walt Disney World...246

As Scar told us in Lion King, "Be Prepared."  That statement couldn't be more true when it comes to a Walt Disney World vacation.  Here are the top five essential gear for a successful WDW vacation.  Keep in mind that I usually go to WDW in the summer and Florida can be pretty warm and humid.

#1 - Good Comfortable Shoes - Seems obvious doesn't it.  I would not encourage you to wear flip-flops.  You need tennis shoes that you have already broken in.  You can plan on walking several miles in the course of a day at the park.

My Addie and her Brown Dog and comfortable shoes!
#2 - Sun Screen - A sunburn on vacation is never fun.  We love the spray on sunscreen for our kids but be careful not to spray it in your daughter's eyes...not fun moments!

#3 - Bottles of Water - The good folks at WDWToday recommend freezing your water bottles and then putting them in your backpack.  Try to get them to rest up against your back and you will be thankful that you get to wear the pack.  Another tip...the counter serve restaurants will give you a cup of ice water for FREE!

#4 - Backpack - Last time we went we had a 6 month old.  That meant that we were carrying formula, jars of baby food and diapers.  The pack was crazy big.  Now that all our kids are out of diapers and eating big people food we will still be using a backpack but a much smaller one.  They are still great for a change of clothes, water bottles, cameras, maps and anything else you might want to carry.  If you can rock the fanny pack you are much more secure in your adulthood than I am.

#5 - iPhone - Or other SmartPhone.  This is like the Swiss Army knife for your vacation.  You have a pretty decent camera, video camera and countless apps to assist you.  Facebook and Twitter can help all your friends and family keep track of all the fun you are having.  The Lines app and the one from UnderCover Tourist will help you determine the wait time at all the attractions.  It's also great to be able to check the menus and reviews at all the great places to eat via  Remember that you will be using 3G as there is not free WiFi in the parks.

Well those are my essentials for the park.  Did I miss anything?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Thanks for reading.

*My wife and editor just told me I left off an essential, snacks.  Yes, snacks are very important for children and adults too.  It's amazing how a simple fruit snack or crackers can help save the day.  So let's call snacks #5a.

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