Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Park to Go to First: Something Else to Consider...256

In my last post I discussed which park I like to visit on our first day.  For me it is an easy choice, I want to be at the Magic Kingdom. But I had two great comments from Kathy and Jenn that pointed out the other issues one should consider when deciding which park to hit first.

Kathy said "I base my decision completely upon what day of the week we're talking about! (Going for the lowest crowds.)"  A great place to go to see what the crowd level is going to be on a particular day is at  Click on "Crowd Calendar" and you can find out the crowd level  for a particular day. To get full access you do have to subscribe for $10.99.  With that subscription you also get touring plans and the Lines App for your phone.  Crowd level can make a huge difference in how much of the park you get to see and experience.  This is definitely something you need to consider as you plan your first day and all following days.

Jenn from DisneyBabies brought up another great point saying, "I do normally pick the first park based on crowd calender/emh..."  Extra Magic Hours or EMHs allow guests staying on Disney property the opportunity to experience one designated park for either an hour before official park opening or up to three hours after regular closing time.  No matter if you are staying on property or not, EMH will have an effect on your visit.  You will want to avoid visiting parks that offer EMH if you cannot or will not be taking advantage of them.  The park with EMH will be busier than the other parks, but if you do it wisely, getting to the park 15 to 30 minutes before the morning hours begin and closing down the park in the evening,  you can also get a good deal of touring done during those extra hours.  (And there is nothing like being in a nearly empty Magic Kingdom at 2am.)

Thanks for the great points Kathy and Jenn, and be sure to check out their blogs for more great information.
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