Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Park to Go to First?..258

So how do you determine which park to visit on which day?  I have heard it recommended that if you are a first time visitor you should visit the other parks, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studio and Epcot before you visit the Magic Kingdom.  The thinking is that your family will be more impressed with the other parks if they are not comparing them to the Magic Kingdom.  Thus you save the best for last!

My only problem with the theory is that I have never been able to do it or recommend it.  The moment I get on property I want to walk down Main St., be surrounded by the smells of the bakery and popcorn

and look upon the beauty that is Cinderella's Castle.  I want to experience Dumbo, Peter Pan and Small World. I want the rush of the three big mountains, Splash, Space and Big Thunder.  I need the burger and fixin's bar from Peco's Bills.  Lastly, I want my first evening to end with the Main St. Electrical Parade and Wishes.  I understand the logic behind saving the Magic Kingdom to last, I just can't do it.

Do you agree or disagree?  Are you able to delay gratification or do you have to experience MK first?  Leave your comments below.  Thanks for reading.


Kathy said...

I base my decision completely upon what day of the week we're talking about! (Going for the lowest crowds.)

Kathy said...
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DisneyBabies said...

I agree with you! Though, I do normally pick first park based on crowd calender/emh... But I would never skip MK or tell someone to.. I like my park hopper so I can go in multiple times, too. love that place!