Monday, July 11, 2011

322...The One Word of Advice.

If I had to give you one piece of advice to make your Walt Disney World trip a success it would be get to the parks early!  This is especially true during the summer.  I would recommend about 30 minutes before opening.  I understand you are on vacation and you want to relax.  There will be time for relaxing and sleeping or napping but not in the early morning hours at WDW.  You will be amazed at how much you can get done in those first few hours.  As it starts to get closer to noon, your progress will begin to slow incredibly.

Early morning at Magic Kingdom

A second word of advice is to leave the parks around this time (lunch time) and head back to the hotel.  Now you can take a nap or go to the swimming pool.  The parks are busiest from noon until around 4 or 5.  They are also miserably hot (remember that I usually go during the summer).  The last reason I suggest the break in the middle of the day is because if you have kids you are headed for a meltdown!  Can you say overstimulated?  The kids and you need a break.  If you do this right, you can actually have a restful Disney vacation.

Notice my daughter...ready for a meltdown!
Look at it this way, do you want to get your money's worth and have a relaxing vacation?  The best way to do it is to get to the parks early (getting your money's worth) and taking a break in the middle of the day (relaxing!).  Thanks for reading.

Fun with ducks at the bus stop.


Cathy said...

I think I agree with you. Unfortunately when our kids were young we never stayed on property so we always tried to stay as long as we could and then leave around 6 or so. I think the afternoon break is really the best idea. And I love using the EMH at night to get more done too.

DisneyMacAddict said...

Cathy that is a great point. Maybe my first point of advice would be to stay on Disney property. I know you can get bigger and cheaper rooms offsite but I just love being surrounded by the Disney feel! and yes EMH is such a great plus and I am also a fan of Disney transportation. Thanks for the comment.