Friday, July 1, 2011

332...The Disney Card

So I went to the hardware store today to pick up some stuff for our painting job in the foyer.  I handed the lady my Disney VISA Card, you know the one with Mickey, Goofy and Donald on it and she says, "Cute, I guess your wife picked this out."  I had to inform her that nope that was my idea.  I stopped short of telling her I had a Disney blog too.  She went on to tell me that she liked the card and that she really wants to get back to Walt Disney World.  Her and her son went about 10 or 12 years ago and this time she would like to take her husband.  Wow, I learned all that just because I used my Disney card.

Now that wouldn't be much to blog about but that is not the only time I have had such an interaction.  The girl at Old Navy was planning a trip with her brother, mom and dad this summer.  The lady from the hotel we stayed at in Branson, MO loved the card and wanted to go to the World again soon.  I had the opportunity to share with one person about the deluxe resorts on property and how adults can actually have a good time there without children.  My wife has learned that the cashier at our favorite Chinese restaurant in town loves Mickey Mouse.  All of those conversations started because of a credit card.

As of right now I don't have VISA as a sponsor but I really like this card.  I don't know if it is the best points deal in the world but I'm happy with it.  I get one Disney Dollar for every hundred dollars I spend using the card.  I get 10% off of a $50 purchase or more at select locations at Walt Disney World Resort and at any Disney Store.  There is also an exclusive Disney Character meet and greet at Epcot and 20% off guided tours at the World.  Currently we have around $600 Disney Dollars saved for our trip in 332 days.  Not bad!  For more information about the VISA card go Here.  Thanks for reading.


Cathy said...

We have the card too, only ours is all red with just Mickey on it. I love it too, but I had forgotten about the other discounts you get. Thanks for the reminder.

DisneyMacAddict said...

No problem Cathy. I'm pretty excited, we now have almost $600 Disney Dollars and I am hoping to have close to 800 by the time we go on vacation. Every little bit helps. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Jules here -

Yeah - I got this card AFTER I paid for our trip BUT, I got it for the $200 gift card that I got after my first purchase. SA-WEET! :) I can redeem that $200 on merchandise while on our trip in September for food (doubt we'll need it since we did the dining plan) or even souveniers (we would NEVER spend that much on souveniers normally but if they are "giving" it to me...). Do you know of any particular catches with this "free" $200? I already got the gift card in my pocession and it's on the master list to pack. ROCK ON!!!! :)