Friday, July 15, 2011

318...Random WDW Tips

I have some friends who recently took their first family vacation to the World.  I showed them all the resources that I use to plan our trips.  (That info can be found in blog post 370)  A couple of nights before they left they sent me their itinerary.  It was amazing!  If I get permission I will post it.  They still had a few questions and so I sent an email that had just some basic and very random tips.  Below you will find those tips:

Just a couple of thoughts...

-the Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Meet & Greet is kind of like a show.  I guess they take groups of kids back at a time.  I have heard they have pretty long lines too.

-Captain Hook and Smee are usually around Pirates of the Caribbean

-Eat at Pecos Bill's; their fixin's bar is amazing.

-When waiting for the parade, try to get right up to the curb or tape so no one can get in front of you.  You may want to ask a cast member if you are in an ok spot just to be sure.  I like watching the fireworks from Main St.  Try for somewhere in the middle.  We usually start camping out an hour or two before the parade, and get some ice cream.  My mom goes shopping and we just hold the seats.
My daughter, dad, son, wife, me and my middle daughter

-Try to find time to FastPass Splash Mountain.  You won't get that wet, especially in the back right...but in the front left, there's a good chance you'll get wet.

-On your FastPasses you will see a "return between" time.  It will give you the earliest you can return and also an end time.  The end time is not enforced.  So if the time says return between 1:30 and 2:30, you can really show up anytime after 1:30 and before the park closes.

-You will want to head to Toy Story Mania first in the Studios.  If it is under a 20 minute wait, I would go ahead and grab a FP, and also go ride it using the standby line. Then I come back to it a little later or even towards the end of the day and use your FP to ride it again.

-Enjoy the Crystal Palace.  Get a made-to-order omelet.  The OJ is amazing.  The other thing I love is on the kids bar. I think they call it french toast, but it is deep fried and has cinnamon and sugar on it...amazing!!!

-Lastly, make sure you have a few audibles set just in case it rains.  There are usually a few rain showers in the mid-afternoons.  Buy some cheap ponchos to take with you into the parks or have some indoor activities planned.

-If you are taking a backpack, freeze some water bottles and keep them in the pack up against your back...keeps you nice and cool!

-Be prepared for melt downs and for things to go completely wrong!  Be prepared to stop for ice cream or snacks along the way.  That provides valuable rest time and the sugar will get you to the next section of your plan.
My son enjoying a good "meltdown"

I am planning on creating a page that has those tips and I will update it as I think of different ones or get new ones.  If you have any tips feel free to leave them and I will start posting them.  Thanks for reading.


DisneyBabies said...

Good tips!! I did notice - Honey I shrunk the audience 3d show is now gone - Captain EO came back.. but the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground set, is amazing for little ones - i have heard that it may be going for an upgrade (hopeful!) soon, though. The best part about your group - Rider Swap.. get a couple of FP plus that and you're set!

DisneyMacAddict said...

Thanks DisneyBabies. I forgot about Honey I Shrunk the Audience being gone. I guess I won't put that one on my tip's page! What are your thoughts on It's Tough to be a Bug for younger kids? My family has stayed away from those types of attractions. My kids like Philharmagic and I think they would be ok with Muppets. They may never ever do Stitch's Great Escape. Why does that attraction exist? Thanks again for your comments.

Derek Brunkhorst said...

Great tips...and love the shots of the kids!!