Saturday, June 4, 2011

365...Disney Depression

I have several friends who are on the road after their Disney vacation.  How can the same road that brought you to Walt Disney World feel so different a week later?  On the trip down we are playing Disney music, watching classic Disney films and discussing our plans for the Magic Kingdom.  The trip home seems so, so quiet and melancholy.  I use to not even want to talk about WDW for several weeks after a trip.  I would give up reading the Unofficial Guide and stop listening to my favorite Disney podcasts.  It felt like when Christmas was over and I was just waiting for Spring.  So how do I handle the Disney Depression now?

One solution is for everyone on your trip to become violently ill!  That is what we did on our last trip to the World.  Honestly, I was glad to get home.  That is not probably the greatest advice but I did learn from that trip.  As I got home and returned to normal I began to realize that I could block out the negative things that happened on that trip by planning our next trip.  Sure our next trip was two years away but I needed to plan.  (Little did I know that our next trip to WDW would actually be four years away)  I replaced the void by constantly being in Disney planning mode.  It worked.  I don't know if it is healthy and it may drive my wife nuts, but I seem happier.

How do you handle the Disney Depression?

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