Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Age-Old Question

One question I forgot to list in the previous post was, "What's a good age to take your kids to Disney?"  There is a theory out there that says you should wait until your kids can remember the trip.  To which I say, you aren't going to remember half the trip when you get back either!  That is why you take pictures.  Also, they aren't paying for the trip so why does it matter if they remember it?  It's what you remember that counts. (and the pictures you take)

I think that three is a great age to begin taking your kids.  The magic is very real to them at three.  They believe that is Cinderella's castle.  They believe they are meeting the actual characters of their favorite shows.  There is something powerful about being in the presence of believers at the Magic Kingdom.

Below are a few pictures of my daughter at the age of three getting ready to meet the characters.  Can you see the joy on her face?

Meeting the characters from Little Einsteins.

That is my five your old son and my three year old daughter.  Pretty sure her feet are not on the ground.

Does she remember that moment?  Nope, not at all but I wouldn't trade those pictures for a free Disney vacation.

I understand that a lot of parents want their kids to be able to visit all or most of the attractions.  That way they get their money's worth.  I'm learning there is a type of evolution in the trips to WDW.  At a young age the trip centers around Fantasyland and character meet and greets.  It's all about getting pictures and autographs.  Honestly, it is a very nice, laid-back trip.  As the kids get older it is more about the rides and rushing from one part of the park to another.  Lastly, as the parents get older it is more about the benches, finding shade, air conditioning and the shows.  Things change and I believe that all those phases should be enjoyed.

With all that being said, I would also like to say on our last trip we took our six month old and our other two kids.  That was hard.  We had to carry a huge backpack with formula, diapers, wipes and baby food.  On a nice spring day that would have still been difficult.  We did it in late June.  We are talking 95 degrees and 120 percent humidity.  We ended up getting sick on that trip and I blame it on the backpack!  On the plus side, children under three get in free.